Why Do I Need a Website?

Why Do I Need a Website
28 Oct

Going it alone with training is definitely more exciting and rewarding, but it also very difficult to sustain for life; one little distraction and it falls away. You have no competition, no club, no group to welcome you back and help you get back up to speed after an interruption. Anything that makes your goals, dreams and ideas more tangible will certainly help, and for me, that’s exactly what this website does; it gives my training more substance.

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Why Peeling the Onion?

Peeling the Onion
26 Oct

“Peeling the Onion – Finding My Inner Superhero” – I have to admit it’s an unusual name for a fitness website. Yet, this little phrase has shaped my approach to training for the last 30 years. It’s not just physical training, but a process of constant physical and mental self-improvement. I firmly believe that this attitude to training is what gave me the inner strength needed to beat an osteoarthritis diagnosis. It will continue to influence the way I train as I relentlessly break down mental and physical barriers in my 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

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