Eric Ervin’s Charity Challenge – 10,000 Pushups in 30 Days

10,000 Pushups in 30 Days
03 Nov

Current Attempt

Start Date: 1st November 2017

End Date: 30th November 2017

Status :

Still feeling good. Injury free.

First four days = 333 per day

Day five & six = 500

Day seven = 600

Day eight = 617

Day nine = 650

Day ten = 400 (form not looking good)

Day eleven = 116 (quality before quantity for the rest of the challenge)

Day twelve onwards = 334

Day thirteen onwards = 280

Days Remaining

Pushups Completed
Percentage Complete66.08%

Here's the spreadsheet where everyone logs their results:

I got to know Eric Ervin back in 2014 when I was doing the GORUCK Pullup Challenges. At the time he was a drill sergeant in the US Army and prior to that he'd been a US Marine. His mindset for training was absolutely perfect for me - all about challenge and pushing yourself. He's one of the nicest, most supportive people I've had the pleasure of knowing. He's been a huge help in getting my pullups up to speed.

Eric is currently deployed in Afghanistan, but true to form he's still thinking of others and constantly challenging himself. He's organized this pushup challenge to raise money for a charity getting water to Puerto Rico.

The goal is to complete 10,000 pushups in the month of November; A $5 donation gets you a patch (badge) on completion. The challenge facebook page is here.

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