Pullups – 6100 in 68 Days

6100 Pullups in 68 Days
27 Oct

Current Attempt

Date Started: 10th October 2017


Status: Aborted

I abandoned the challenge on day 17 due to a touch of tennis elbow. I'm going to wait until after Christmas to re-start so I get an uninterrupted run at it. I tried to do too much too soon. I'll be better prepared next time!

Time Remaining

Pullups Completed So Far
Percentage complete23%

About the Challenge

I started out with the intention of completing the 5000 pullups in 68 days GORUCK challenge. By the third day I somehow managed to get myself into competition with Eric Ervin who had completed the 5k challenge in 2014. His daily pullup numbers were still on the GORUCK challenge spreadsheet so I decided to match his number each day and raise it by 1.  Eric had completed 6030 pullups in 63 days so suddenly I'd put myself under a lot more pressure! Forearm pain quickly set in, and despite hanging in for a few extra days with the use of hook wrist straps and elbow straps I eventually decided that a tactical retreat was in order.  At the next attempt (probably January) I'll be better prepared.

Challenge Rules

  1. Complete 6100 pullups in 68 consecutive days.
  2. Take as many days off as you like
  3. Any combination of sets, reps and rest periods


[Challenge Not yet completed]

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