Race to 100 Pullups

Race to 100 Pullups
26 Oct

About the Challenge

I first attempted this challenge as a 'challenge within a challenge' during my 2014 GORUCK 2,500 pullups in 68 days. When you have to get large numbers of pullups completed day in and day out you need little mind games to keep things interesting; better still if you have others to compete with! Basically you try to get 100 pullups done in the shortest time possible. It's a challenge I plan on doing regularly in an attempt to improve my PB.  My 2014 attempt was captured on video - "Benny Hill" style!

Challenge Rules

  1. Complete 100 pullups in the shortest time possible.
  2. Do them in as many sets as you like.
  3. Take as many rests as you like.
  4. Pronated grip, shoulder or wider than shoulder width grip.


  • 2014 - 14 minutes, 18 seconds - Personal Best


2014's challenge attempt.

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