A Different Pullup or Pushup Variety Every Day for a Year

Different Pullup or Pushup Every Day For A Year
26 Oct

About the Challenge

I set myself this challenge in July of this year - it quickly became very addictive and quite a few other people got roped in!

The goal is to try and do 10 reps of pushups and/or 3 reps of pullups every day for the rest of the year - the catch is, you can't repeat any variety; it must be something different every day. I aimed for both and managed to keep going until mid October before running out of ideas and adapting the rules. I'm still dipping in and working on lots of different varieties.

It's not quite as hard as it first sounds; different hand positions, varying hand and foot height, plyometric variations - and of course, you can think up a whole string of progressions to work towards a particularly challenging variety.

I plan on keeping this challenge going indefinitely (with a loosening off of the 'every day' rule). I'll add a new video to the page every time I manage a new variety that I'm particularly pleased with.

Day 45 - Typewriter

Typewriter Pullups

I think these are my biggest achievement!

Day 17 - Lelanne Progression (one hand at chest level)

Assisted Lelanne Pushup

I think I'm fairly close to doing these properly, but for now I need one hand by my chest to assist.
Day 28 - Plyometric (pronated, wide to narrow)

Plyometric Pullups

This was my first and only attempt at plyometric pullups. I need to try them again sometime soon and see if they've improved any now that I'm stronger.

Day 13 - Crucifix

Crucifix Pushups

The next step is to get my hands a bit wider then up onto finger tips.
Day 45 - Typewriter

Archer Pullups

Archer Pullups - a bit shaky! Again, a one and only attempt - I will revisit all of these and see if I can do them any better now.

Day 48 - 40 second diamond

40 Second Diamond Pushup

Just like it says on the tin!
Day 47 - One hand on side post (one arm pullup progression)

One Hand on Post

Someone put my off trying these saying I wasn't strong enough. I'm not so sure though - if I wasn't strong enough I wouldn't have been doing them?! I had a tweak in my right pec so only managed three reps on the left side.

Day 25 - Tiger Progression (hands slightly in front and some assistance from feet)

Tiger Pushups (?)

I'm not sure if this is strictly tiger pushups but I don't know what they are called.

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