Maximum Number of Pullups in 24 Hours

Maximum Pullups in 24 Hours
25 Oct

About This Challenge

This was another spin off from the 2014 GORUCK 2.5k pullups in 68 days challenge. Matt Tiller joined the challenge late and the support group had got pretty quiet. He'd ran out of time and had to complete 600 pullups in one day. I stayed online with him to give him a bit of support and stupidly agreed to join him in a 'most in 24 hours' challenge a couple of days later. It was really good fun - we posted our progress online and gave each other plenty of support. Matt managed 1000 and I managed 670 - although it took me 5 hours! I will do this again one day.

Challenge Rules

  1. Complete as many pullups as possible in 24 hours
  2. Shoulder width or wider than shoulder width, pronated grip
  3. As many reps, sets and rests as you like.


2014 - 670 completed in 24 hours (shoulder width grip, pronated) - Current PB


2014's challenge attempt

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